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Tip 1: Start with curb appeal!

  1. Look at the outside of your home from the street as if you were a prospective buyer!
  2. Clean up your yard.
  3. Keep your yard mowed and edged. Keep it neat!
  4. Trim your trees, rake your lawn, edge your flowerbeds.


Which Home Looks Better at First Glance?


Gulf Access Waterfront Home in Cape Coral, FloridaOff Water Home in Lehigh Acres, Florida

Landscaping is the least expensive way to increase the value of your home! Improve the landscaping and increase the chance of a sale.

  • Paint your house if necessary. What looks “bad” to you? If you can see it, so can every prospective    buyer that drives buy or walks up to the door!
  • Make sure your front windows look clean, and attractive from the outside of the house.
  • Put the children’s bikes, skates, basketballs, etc away. Abandoned bikes all over the driveway look bad and leave the impression that kids run wild through the neighborhood.
  • If your house sticks out, (it’s bright pink and the others are white, beige, or cream)... CHANGE the color of your house! No matter what everyone says, if your house looks odd on the street, be it color, style, or landscaping, your house is likely to be passed up by prospective buyers. Different may appeal to you, BUT 90% of the buyers don’t want to be different.


Riverfront Home in Fort Myers, FloridaRiverfront Home in Cape Coral, Florida


Which color above gives you the most appeal from the curb?

Fresh Water Home in Cape Coral, FL

Tip 2: Let a Realtor help you sell it!

  • They know how to advertise it
  • They qualify buyers so that your time is not wasted
  • They have the ability to expose your home to thousands of people... you don’t
  • They will lessen your chance of having legal problems (selling real estate is not like selling your old car)
  • They will take the burden off of you Learn more about the benefits of using a Realtor.


Tip 3: Clean the inside - make it shine


Clean house before sellingVacuum home prior to showing





Tip 4: Rent a storage space - Reduce clutter

  • Too much furniture makes your home look small.
  • Clutter makes your home look inadequate for the average family
  • If you have oversized furniture in a small room, take most of it out or take all of it out. An empty room that looks big is better than a furniture filled room, which looks too small to hold furniture adequately.


Less is More!

Cluttered Homes do not show wellClean homes show well




Tip 5: Plan for your pets

  • Exotic Animals can also be a problem selling your homeBe creative and informed where your pets are concerned.
  • Pets often smell. Even though you do not smell them, as you are used to their odor... Others CAN and DO and they won’t buy your home.
  • Repair pet damage. Stained carpets, deep scratches in doors, holes in the yard, and pet excretions decorating the yard, are an instant turn off to many people. It tells people that you don’t take care of your home. It is hard to sell a home that looks and feels like it has been neglected.
  • Take your pets out of the house when showing it. Pets can scare people, even if they are friendly. People will not warm up to your home if they are cold toward pets.


Care for Animals when showing your homeanimals may make it more difficult to sell your home




Tip 6: Fix it

  • ... the doorknob that doesn't work,
  • the window that doesn’t latch,
  • and the faucet that looks corroded or leaks.
  1. Make your house look as new as you can. People will compare your home to a new one.
  2. Caulk the showers and the tub. Don’t forget around the sink!

Time to sell is now!!Tip 7: When your house is being shown

  • Open all the drapes and blinds
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Use your air conditioning or heater to make the inside of your home comfortable for someone to linger and think DON’T spray your home full of perfume-scented sprays.
  • Get rid of the odor-producing agent, don’t try to cover it up!

Tip 8: Make it easy for people to see your home

Make your schedule meet the prospective buyers schedule. If you won’t let them see your house. . . they will buy the one down the street that they did view!

Tip 9: When considering offers

Get what your home is worth, not necessarily what you want!!

The longer you hold out for the exact dollar that you want, the more it costs you in payments, maintenance, etc. There are times you actually are ahead to take a little less for your home, than to hold out for the extra dollar that actually ends up costing YOU two!


Tip 10: If a month goes by...

...without many interest, figure out why. Look for the reason and SOLVE it.

Is it...

  • It’s priced too high for the market.
  • It does not appeal to people. (Maybe you turned a garage into a den and need to turn it back into a garage)
  • Visually, it’s un-appealing

Let Us Help You Through This Important Time

As trained, licensed, and experienced Realtors, we are here to make selling your home as easy as possible. Let us List Your Home.

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