We will professionally list your home or property.  What exactly does that mean? It means that we are skilled. We care about getting you the results that you require and that we have the most complex, state of the art internet knowledge possible. We don't guess at what your real estate is worth. We do the research and present to you a comparative market analysis based on today's value, it's sellable value…. to ensure that your home will be sold in a timely manor….with attention to detail…and dedication to "getting the job done." Please look at the top of the page and "Click" on Sellers to see a menu of information topics of interest to sellers.


Marketing in today's real estate market is Essential.

Fort Myers Waterfront Home

At Dockside we have been marketing properties on the internet since the internet became the most powerful advertising tool of all time! Gone are the days of just putting a sign in the yard! 95% of all buyers find their home on the web, call an agent, and go to see it.
All of our web work is done in house, so we have control over the ads we place and how they look.  We host hundreds of visitors each month on our site and most are interested in our featured properties. That means exposure for your home or property. We also syndicate our listings to all the major sites for real estate like; Trulia, Zillow, Backpage, eBay Homes, etc.  When it comes to exposure of real estate, nobody does it better! Our featured properties are seen on sites from small to large….If someone is looking for a home like yours, they will definitely see it!