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It's time to make an offer on real estate. EVERYONE wants to purchase a home, condo or investment property for the very least amount of money they can. It often feels like a game. The seller thinks how much I can get?….the buyer thinks, what's the least the seller will take? So when it's time to put in the offer truly, the games begin.




Waterfront Homes in SW Florida for SaleWe encourage people to be realistic. The truth is, usually neither the buyer nor the seller is realistic. This is why you have Realtors representing each side of the transaction. They are your pathway to honest, up to date information that leads to the sale or purchase of real estate.


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Often people read things on the internet that appear to be new, but are actually "old" news. It is common for people to misinterpret what they read as well. For instance, you might read that "tons" of foreclosures are on the market and the banks will do anything to get rid of them. That is simply not true! The banks WILL NOT do ANYTHING to get rid of them!
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Banks have a methodical way of dealing with a foreclosed piece of real estate. They start by putting it on the market with a realtor. Almost all bank owned properties and short sale properties are listed and handled by realtors. Once the property has an offer on it, the bank will then have it appraised. The banks normally will take an offer within 4% of the bank appraised value of the home. This is not a hard fast rule BUT as realtors, we know that by the time the banks calculate what is owed on the property, what it is worth, what the cost was to take it back and the cost of selling it, their "equation" will bring them to their acceptance price.


SW Florida Waterfront PropertyLISTEN to your realtor because they know the actual value of the home in today's market! They are local and they know what is happening in the market place where they work. Putting in "lowball" offers, in today's market, on these type of sales…Short Sales and bank owned properties…does not work! That's not to say you can't get a good deal, it's to say you can't get a good deal, which these properties already are, for 40K to 60K less than what the current value of the property is.
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When you approach the sale of a conventional transaction, one that is not in foreclosure or a short sale, you have more room to bargain. Now you are dealing with someone, not a bank with rules and equations, who has a desire to move on with their plans and future.


Homeowners have to clear their mortgage amounts with the sale of their property, and/or the emotional attachment to the home. If the selling agent has done their work properly in setting the price AND your agent has done a comparative market analysis that supports the price, you should evaluate how much you want the home or property. If you really want it and don't want to loose it…offer a reasonable price. If you don't care that much if you get the property, then put in an offer that you are willing to pay. It's very possible that the home is not worth to you what the seller feels it's worth to them.

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Sometimes a homeowner just wants to move on with their life and they can take a low-ball offer. Sometimes the seller is determined to get what they ask for their property. You have to know on a personal level how much you want that piece of real estate. Offer accordingly.