‚ÄčEverybody wants a good deal! As an investor, it is very important to get the best "deal" you can. But what is a "good deal" in real estate? For the purpose of discussion, we will break investors into 4 groups:


1). Rental Landlords….This group would include people who want to acquire as much real estate in SW Florida as they can for the purpose of collecting rent and creating a cash flow situation from the rentals. While these individuals will see appreciation on their real estate purchase over time, their main concern is the rental aspect and the money those rentals are able to produce.

2). Long term Investors….This group would be those who want to secure something today, while prices are down so that when prices raise, and they will, their property purchase will increase in value. Increase to the extent that their initial investment will bring back, after holding costs, maintenance, etc. double or triple the initial investment.

3). Investment Flippers…..This group of investors are those who want to "invest" in a property today and flip it in a very short period of time (under a year) so that they make a little, quickly. Then invest the money again and repeat the process….one or multiple times, as the housing market increases.

4). Real Estate Owners….This group encompasses those individuals who are buying today, renting the property out until such a time as they are ready to move into it for retirement or pass it along to their children.

There is no doubt that money can be made in real estate. The opportunity is big here in SW Florida. With the prices at 10-15 year low…they have nowhere to go but up. So how can we help you to maximize your investment dollars?

  • We have the most powerful and comprehensive search devices available. If you have been on the internet looking at property, you understand that much of what you see is no longer available OR whatever price is listed is NOT what you will pay by the time you research the property. Unfortunately, there are many variables that impact the ending price of a property such as: clouds on the title, assessments, repairs, cost of financing, etc. Some of the prices that are stated for a property may be one price when you put the offer in, but because of other offers coming in at the same time, you can not purchase it for the amount you thought. Realtors know their market and can tell you what is true and what is likely to be the case today as well as speculatively tomorrow. A good realtor WILL NOT encourage you to pay too much for a property, but they will tell you what an acceptable offer would likely be. Your realtor should have YOUR best interest at the center of their work on your behalf.
  • We can set up a search for you that will bring to your computer properties as they came on the market. So much of what is on the internet is posted when a company or person gets around to it. We have searches set up that bring to you listings at the same time everyone else, including other realtors, sees them. You can't get quicker or more accurate information. Click here if you would like us to set you up with your own imediate daily search.  All Realtors have access to the same information. Don't fall for the line that agent so and so has an inside track on investment properties. If a realtor has done the research well, they know what is out there.
  • When it comes to investing, you have to be ready, because the "good deals" do not last! Do you know how to be ready to secure financing, make a decision, and put an offer in that will land you the deal? Timing is everything. Cash is king, ready financing is a close second.
  • We can help you plan an acceptable offer. Especially today, excellent real estate purchases need to be calculated by what will land the deal…NOT by what someone hopes will be just enough and not too much. A bank owned property will ALMOST NEVER be purchased for an offer of more than 4% under the asking price. To put in an offer 10% below the asking price WILL NOT get accepted.
  • Short Sales have a beginning price that is nothing more than something to entice buyers to put in an offer. Once the initial offer goes to the bank, an appraiser is sent out to establish a price point that the bank will use to make an acceptable price. Banks DO NOT just take any offer to get a property off their books. They use equations, plugging numbers into it to determine a price that they will accept. They stick to these guidelines. Trying to put in "low ball" offers on an already rock bottomed priced house is often a waste of time. If it's a good deal, it's a good deal not just for you, but for all the investors out there! And they are bidding on these properties a lot!!
  • We can and do go out for our clients and get videos of properties. So many of the investor properties are bought sight unseen. Because of timing, often there is not enough time for an investor to fly in and see the property before putting in an offer. The camera is the "next best thing" to being there. The type of investor you are makes a big difference in what properties will fit your needs. As you can imagine, when properties are priced at 25,000 to 4,000,000.00 it takes experience and expertise to put the money in the "right" place.
  • Southwest Florida real estate is a unique market. We service people who work here as well as those who play here. We draw those who want to be here year round and those who want to visit every once in a while. Vacationers make up a healthy part of our population during the winter months especially. Understanding when you buy, who will purchase the home from you and what will their plans be for the home is crucial in keeping the investment potential alive and profitable.

Take the time to call us at 239-848-8114, or 239-848-8226. Get the facts, get a professional to help you get it right, the first time, so the benefits of real estate investing can put a smile on your face!

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