SW Florida Waterfront Property - Flood Insurance


‚ÄčInsurance is a specialized field and requires specialized knowledge. Southwest Florida is different from many other areas of the country.  The State has created a web site to give an idea of the rates for a fictional house, by insurance company and County. 



Flood Zones

Cape Coral Water Front Property - Flood InsuranceMost of our homes are in a flood zone and require flood insurance. (see a map of Lee County flood zones). Fortunately, flood insurance is funded by the Federal Government. That makes it much less expensive for the homeowner in flood zones.

Hurricane Season

If you are purchasing a house during hurricane season (June through November), be aware that the insurance binder must be obtained right away. If there is a tropical storm brewing or hurricane in the area, and the area is included in a “box” from the National Weather Service, the home will not be able to be insured until the “box” is lifted and this could delay or STOP the purchase of your new home.

SW Florida Insurance Companies.

Obviously these are only a few of the many available companies.

Allstate - Kevin Schuman 239-945-8888 http://agent.allstate.com/KevinSchuman2/Welcome
Barton Insurance 239-542-5300  
Carlock & Assoc 239-549-0221