Gulf Access Waterfront Condo in SW Florida

Condo, townhouse, villa or single family home they all have their own set of positives and negatives. You can approach the decision based on monthly out go, emotion, or on need. What ever criteria are used for your measuring stick, it's worth your while to think it over carefully. When you come home, it should be the best feeling in the world….not a heart ache.


 Positives and Negatives

SW Florida Condo on Gulf Access Waterfront CanalAs you weigh your options, consider that often you can purchase a condo or townhouse that offers amenities that you may not be able to afford in a single dwelling home in SW Florida. Pools, waterfront, tennis courts, walking and jogging tracts, on site restaurants, golf courses, volley ball nets and club houses are just a few of the amenities that can be yours if you live in a gated community or a condo, villa or town house. When it comes to real estate, there are always lots of things to factor into the final decision.

HOA Fees and Association Fees


Condos in SW Florida in Mixed Use Shopping AreaExpect your condo fees or HOA fees to cover landscaping, maintenance of the exterior of the complex, (everything from the studs of your unit…out) docks, pool, and insurance from the studs out. Your HOA fees do not cover the interior (from the studs in) which is yours to insure and maintain. This includes the air conditioning, appliances, decorating and interior plumbing. First floor owners should have flood insurance. Often the water, garbage pick-up and cable are included in the HOA fees, which is nice for the condo owner.


Cape Coral Home for Sale

HOA dues or association fees are always a topic of discussion when people realize that they must pay these fees over and above the payments for the home. There are no free lunches when you choose to buy a home, be it a condo or a single dwelling house. Yard work, water and garbage conveniences, insurance, and maintenance are all part of home ownership.



When all is said and done, the HOA fees or the trips to Home Depot and maintenance costs, will all pretty much even out in the end. The bottom line is how do you want to pay it out? On your own terms in your own time frame or every month as scheduled.

Condos good and bad

Fort Myers FL Real Estate for SaleLiving in a condo means your neighbors are VERY close. Some people enjoy the close association with others, while some people just don't like it. Remember that everything that pertains to the condo complex….rules…major repair projects, (roofs, painting the exterior, etc.) is voted on by the owners and then set in motion. If you don't want to have others sharing in the decision making concerning the exterior of yourliving space, then condo living will not suite you. In a condo, you are just one voice among many.

Condo living is wonderful for those who want carefree living. Come and go as you please! Just lock the door and walk away knowing that your neighbors are watching out for their interests and yours! The grounds are always beautiful, the pool always ready, and the living is easy. Many people find this a welcome change to single family home ownership with its continual "attention needing projects." If you love to putter, without the urgency of "I have to" then condo living is probably a good choice for you.



 It's important for you to determine what type of Florida lifestyle you want to live.

Single Family Home good and bad

Canal property in Cape Coral, Florida Condos and single family homes

Single dwelling homes make perfect sense for people who are planning on a family, have children currently or someone who determines that they need space and elbow room. If you don't like to follow rules and bi-laws, buy a single family home. With the exception of city or gated community laws, you are free to dwell in your home and enjoy it on your terms.



Plant a tree, plant some flowers, and dig up your yard? No problem! In a single dwelling home, for the most part, it's your ground and your house. Maintain it, or let it run down, it's your call. This is not the case in a condo, town house or villa and not usually the case in a gated community. The laws that govern your living space are set in place to protect and serve the whole group, not just an individual.
It's very nice to own your own your own single dwelling home. Your dock is your own. Your pool is private and for your use only. Paint it the color you like, add to it whatever suites you such as a deck, solar panels, fencing, out door lighting fixtures and shrubbery. Single dwelling homes bring you the ability to fulfill your dreams of a home just right for you.

Each option offers trade offs

Real Estate in SW florida, Condos and Single Family Homes


Everything in life has trade offs. Condo, townhome and villa living brings the easiest of lifestyles with little or no homeowner burdens. But, the closeness of your neighbors and the rules and regulations can be a problem that impacts the joy of living for others.


Change can be good!

Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida Single Family Homes for SaleIf you are in the later part of your years and have always lived in a single dwelling home, a condo or townhome may be a welcome change to what you have known all your life. Always remember, just because you are use to something, doesn't mean it's the only option you have! Sometimes change is a good thing!


What if I want to rent it out?

Are you planning on owning a home in SW Florida for winter and another home where you will spend your summers? Think about whether or not you want to rent out the home or condo during the time when you are not using it. Often condos and town homes are lease restricted, which means who ever you rent to must stay a minimum of one month. And often, the unit can only be rented out a maximum of four times a year. If you are in an age restricted condo situation, then your renters must comply, meaning they must be over 55 years of age. The up side is that any time you or a renter comes to your villa, condo or townhome, it will always have an inviting pool, beautiful grounds, and an "I'm ready for you to enjoy" ambience.
Real Estate for Sale in SW floridaIf you choose to purchase a single dwelling home, and you plan to "visit" the home for six months out of the year, you will need to see that you have a "care taker" to watch over the home in your absence. A yard man, pool care company and / or a neighbor could be your care taker. Obviously, you could rent the property out as you choose without restrictions. Depending on the amenities that are attached to the property involved, either one, condo or house, could make an excellent rental.


If you should decide to rent out your property, it is a good idea to use a property management company whether you own a condo or a house. We offer property management for those who need it. Property managers, do watch over your investment and they do have avenue to keep it rented for you without all the head aches.



NO Exterior Upkeep Weekly Exterior Up-keep might include; pressure washing, lawn, trash, yard, pool, weeds, watering, bug spraying, weed-n-feed, plant trimming etc.
HOA fees of $200-$500 per month usually includes; garbage, trash, insurance for exterior structure, water, sometimes cable, exterior upkeep of complex including pool and landscaping.You can choose to have condo insurance as opposed to home owners insurance, which is much more expensive. Need Home Owners Insurance…..$100 per month +/-
Flood insurance…..$50 per month +/-
Water...$65-$150 +/- depends on usage
Yard…. $80 per month +/- depends on landscaping
Pool ….$80 per month +/-
Cable...$35 per month +/-depends on what is ordered
Need condo insurance for interior and household items… $50 per month +/- Freedom to do as you please
Rules that are imposed on residents; Noise, Pets, Rental Options, Age restrictions, # of people allowed in condo etc. Ample Parking
Social atmosphere, gatherings at the pool at sundown etc. Usually more interior space with ample storage
Limited parking often only ONE assigned parking space Garage for parking / storage, ease of entrance during rain and thunder storms.
Minimal storage Lock the door and wonder if everything will be ok with the house
Lock the door and know everything is taken care of and watched over  
Can have special assessments (additional cost to condo owner) imposed to cover association voted repairs to complex.  

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