Minimum Land Area - 10,000 square feet


Minimum Living Area 


1,100 Square Feet or 1400 Square Feet when across the the street from salt water (not Including garage, screened porches, storage areas, etc)

RI BW & RD 1,400 Square Feet on canal and lake front or on a golf course or 1800 Square Feet on river front (not including garage, screened porches, storage areas, etc)
Front Setback* 25 Ft. Minimum
Side Setback* 7.5 Ft. Minimum
Corner Setback* 15 Ft. Minimum
Rear Setback (Structure)* 20 Ft. Minimum
Rear Setback (Pool/Cage)* 10 Ft. Minimum
Building Height 30Ft. Maximum
A garage is required: 14’ X 20’ depth minimum.
A seawall is required to be constructed prior to issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for all property located on salt water canals, An alternative seawall may be chosen for property located on fresh water canals. All construction must conform to the applicable specifications in the Standard Building Code, the Standard Plumbing code and the National Electrical Code.
*All setbacks are measured from the true property line to the structure. The structure or any part of, may not protrude, project or encroach into the 6 foot utility easement.
**For all property located on septic, please contact Health Dept at 239-458-7025, for their guidelines and requirements.
  ****Please note that these are thought to be accurate, but not guaranteed. These codes are from 2005****