Clear Waters


Cape Coral is located on the Gulf of Mexico and only 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean.  This makes for a great Scuba diving area!  For spear fishermen you can't do much better than the Gulf!  The Atlantic and Florida Straits are wonderful for diving wrecks and reefs.  Deep dives and night dives are very common in this area.  The majority of these photos were taken by Roy Barker, Sr. and Roy Barker, Jr.  Roy Sr. is a PADI AI and Roy Jr. is a PADI Course Director.  We are also boaters and understand the local waters.  Please ENJOY!! French Angel Butterfly Fish Barracuda Barred Hamlet Blue Hamlet Blue Runners Shark Dive Carribean Lobster Cobia Sun from wall Dive Eel French Angel Giant Hermit Crab Hog Fish Find the fish! sponge sting Ray wreck