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In Lee County we practice what is called "school of choice". Around January or February parents register their children for the school they want their child to attend. It is 'first come, first served' basis for registration.

Lee County SchoolsSchools in this area have different levels of achievement for different areas of study. While one school may be known for its science/math program, another will be known for its music/arts program. While all schools meet legal state standards, individual schools approach the teaching and scholastics of children differently. If your child attends school within 2 miles of your home they must walk or be driven to/from school. Otherwise, there is bussing available.

Here you can find information on all schools, including their performance scores in the FCAT, at the Lee County School District Page.

Also available are a growing number of Charter Schools and Private Schools.

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SW Florida BugsEveryone wants to know about bugs in Florida! If you have lived in the SE portion of the United States, then you have experienced the bug situation in SW Florida. The most dangerous insects here are the fiddler spider and black widow spider.

We do experience mosquitoes during certain times of the year. Outdoor spraying is done by the local government to keep mosquitoes under control. Inside your home, you will find that with proper treatment insects are not a major problem. Outside, you can sit comfortably in your screened lanai.

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Florida WeatherDo you love the sun? Do you enjoy waking up every morning with vibrant blue skies, the occasional white puffy cloud and streaming sunlight to warm the activities of the day? This captures the essence of everyday life in SW Florida.

Our winters here, late October through April, offer incredibly comfortable temperatures and weather conditions. During these months the rainfall is very low, the winds are calm and the average daytime temperatures are in the 70's and 80's.

Sailboat and Sun in the Gulf of Mexico




During the summer months the temperature runs in the 90's with offshore breezes and a one half hour rain shower each afternoon! Most facilities here are air conditioned. The humidity, which is most notable in the summer months, keeps wardrobes light and loose fitting. See our Statistics page for more information.



If you are an outdoor person SW Florida offers year around enjoyment. As a matter of fact, people spend so much time outside that houses in this area tend to be small compared to other areas of the nation, where weather conditions keep people indoors.

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Flood Zones

Flood Zone Map for Lee County FloridaThe majority of coastal Florida lies in a 100 year flood plain. You can located potential property on this map of Lee County Flood Zones! Flood insurance is federally subsidized and is very reasonably priced!

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Shopping in Fort Myers, Florida

Lee County offers an array of standard department and mall stores for shopping. Ft. Myers has two main shopping areas, the Edison Mall and the Shops at Bell Towers. Between these two facilities you can find most anything you need. Major grocery stores are Publix, Sweetbay and Winn Dixie, all of which are common throughout SW Florida. (See a list of Clubs & Shops)


South Fort Myers features the Miromar Outlet Mall and Tanger  Factory Outlets. There are two new malls, Gulf Coast Town Center, right off of I75 and Coconut Point which is off of Tamiami Trail in Estero

Naples has a variety of upscale shopping choices. Home Depot and Lowe's are prominent. Fruit stands abound. Baers and Rob & Stucky are major furniture stores.

There are also a lot of interesting shopping options at Ft. Myers Beach and Sanibel for curio and tourist shops. Sanibel's boutique shops are as unique as they are popular.

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Old Style Florida HouseThe average house in SW Florida is generally smaller than those in other places in the country. Part of the reason is that many homes include an enclosed (caged) lanai which is used as part of the living space. When square footage is calculated on homes, the lanai is added separately. Due to the incredible weather, many people eat, relax and entertain on their lanais.

New Style Florida HouseQuaint older homes in the McGregor Blvd area are favorites for terrazzo floors, soaring palms, large windows and floorplans that were built to be open to the breeze. Newer homes in blossoming developments take advantage of the advances in appliances and convenience.

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Waterfront Dining in Florida Gulf CoastWe enjoy a full assortment of typical chain restaurants, such as Carrabas, Outback Steak House, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. (See a list). Like anywhere in the country, fast food abounds! We have an incredible assortment of specialty Italian eating establishments as well as some awesome seafood restaurants. Oriental cuisine is easy to find.

Dining in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers FLBecause southwest Florida is a tourist destination, we have more than our "fair" share of of excellent dining in all price ranges. Many privately owned establishments have been favorites for decades.

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Beach at SanibelSW Florida thrives on the tourist dollar. Much of the area is very seasonal. The season is winter time here, since our weather is so great! It has only been in recent years that SW Florida has seen a major increase in full time population. (See an article profiling Cape Coral's population.)

Since the real estate bust in 2007-2011 the real estate prices have dropped significantly. If you are looking for your retirement home, second home or want to move to paradise permanently, now is the time!

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Important Phone Numbers

In order to provide the best possible service, we have added a list of phone phone numbers to help you get your utilities turned on, etc.

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