I've known Roy Barker for about 15 years now. I live in Northern California but am originally from South Florida. One day I was doing some searching on-line just out of curiosity about properties in S. Florida but on the West Coast and not not on the Atlantic side. I came across Roy's Website and was very impressed with his site and in fact that's how it all began. His site was so professional and he had lots of great links on it and there was just something about his site and the pictures he had posted that drew me to him as I just had a very good feeling. I sent him an email through his site and although I can no longer remember all the details I eventually talked with him on the phone and immediately had a REALLY GOOD and positive feeling about him. Being that I live 3000 miles away from Cape Coral, it was imperative to me that I find someone that I KNEW I could trust. I had never before had any dealings with a Realtor that lived in another state much less across the country so I can not stress enough how much trepidation I had initially BEFORE I talked and then later met with Roy. I took an instant liking to him and bought my first piece of property in Cape Coral with him as my Realtor in 2002 and held onto it for a year or so and then through Roy sold it and was extremely pleased at how easy and stress free Roy helped make the experience for me. I actually bought the lot without even seeing it but saw a lot of pictures that Roy took for me and then a few months later flew down to Florida and for the first time actually met Roy and his wife Patty and saw the lot I had bought and was very pleased. I felt when I met Roy as if I were meeting up with an old friend because I felt so comfortable around him and totally trusted him. As I stated above I did end up selling that lot and then bought another one that was a much more expensive and higher end lot on a saltwater canal with access to the Gulf of Mexico. It's a beautiful lot and setting and Roy, I think, was almost as excited as my husband and I were at this particular lot and Roy was and still is incredibly reliable, answers emails promptly, is easily accessible and has always gone out of his way to answer all my questions and sometimes with answers I didn't always want to hear but he is HONEST and that is what makes him stand out as being top notch. He's not just my Realtor; he is my friend. I tend to ask a lot of questions and I know when I ask Roy a question he's going to be objective with me and truthful and when you're trying to conduct business from afar it's just so comforting to know that your Realtor is watching your back for you at all times. Honestly, I would recommend Roy to anyone. He's very very good at what he does, he's smart, reliable, extremely knowledgeable about the area and conscientious. My husband and I were just down in Florida in January to go on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary and made it a special point to visit with Roy and Patty while we were down there albeit a short visit, it was a great visit and when we met up it was as if we just picked right up where we had left off the last time I saw him which was a couple of years ago. He's great at what he does and if you're looking for a Realtor that you know you can count on, then you need look no further than Roy Barker!!!!