Gulf Access?

Cape Coral Florida Waterfront LivingSome properties offer Gulf Access, some do not. Before you choose your property on water, give thought to what you want. It is better to buy a property that fulfills your desires and your needs the first time if you can. A poor choice in real estate can be costly. Here are some things to think about BEFORE you decide to look at waterfront property.   Cape Coral Florida BridgeWhen considering Gulf Access property you need to take into account the type of boat you will want. This bridge, for example, will only allow boats 9' high above the waterline to pass beneath it. Bridges are NOT a problem unless you own a tall boat. Learn about obstructions that will affect your choice. Some gulf access properties have a lock which will limit the length of your boat. Understanding the boat you would like to have or own, will dictate the type of canal access that you will be wanting to purchase.

Direct Access Required?

Florida Sailing in Gulf of MexicoSailboats in this area require DIRECT SAILBOAT GULF ACCESS. Any other type of access to the Gulf will have bridges to go under. The canal bridges have a maximum clearance between 7.25 ft. and 11.25 ft. A 30 foot boat with a radar tower may not fit under some bridges. A sailboat definitely won't clear the canal bridge. Some canals are shallower than others. Sailboats draft typically more water than a cruiser. Choose property on a DEEP DIRECT GULF ACCESS or you will be limited. If you have any questions about Cape Coral bridge clearance please give us a call! Canal homes in Cape Coral Florida


How Close is Close?

Fort Myers Florida Riverfront and Canal homesIf boating is your dream and reason for being here then also consider your time out to the Gulf. Gulf canals take you to the river. The river takes you to the Gulf. The farther "UP" the river you are when your canal meets the river, the longer your time out. The farther you are from the river by canal, the longer your trip out to the Gulf. ( See our inter active map of the canal systems)   Traveling the canals is at "NO WAKE" speeds, which is about 5 MPH. This is slow by anyone's measure! Some people buy property up river, with 3 bridge access and find that they are spending 2 hours getting to the river! While other people buy down river on a DIRECT ACCESS canal and are out in 20 minutes.   Cape Coral Bimini Basin Condos Think about what kind of boat you will want, how often you think you will use it, when you will use it (weekend trips or after work 2 hour fishing trips, or day trips) and how important it is to you to get to the Gulf in a timely manner. While you can drive to local beaches in under 1/2 hour....the right gulf access property can put you there by boat in in 20 minutes!


Consider Resale Value

Intersecting Canal Basin Homes in Cape Coral FloridaThe fact is, the better the access, the more the property is sought after. If you want quick appreciation and resale value for your investment, choose direct access as close to the mouth of the river as you can get. Too often "good deals" here, mean you can get to the Gulf by boat, BUT, you will spend the whole day doing it, or there is a limiting factor that is not desired, such as a boat lock or low bridge clearance! Acceptable access depends on what your needs are. Not all locks or bridges are bad. You will benefit by knowing what is important to you and what "access" is acceptable to you. Up front, you may not care, but it will be a factor that will impact you as a boater and it does impact the "resale" value later. That's why a property seems to sell for less and sounds like a "good deal."

Canal Width

Canals come in many widths. Canals range from 50 feet to over 200 feet wide! They are from 2ft to 25 ft deep. Some canals offer an intersecting view (where two or more canals intersect). The wider the canal, the better the "water" view. Intersecting canal views are usually expensive as are the wide canals. Excellent Gulf access can be found on many size canals. Canal end property is desirable because you have a straight view down the canal. Basically, the more water you can see, the better the view, the better the access to the gulf, the more desirable the property.   Cape Coral 80 Foot wide canalCape Coral Fresh Water Canal HomesThese are examples of 80 foot wide canals. These properties will generally be less expensive than those on wider canals, but as you can see, they are beautiful. They offer everything a wide canal offers.     Cape Coral Florida 200 foot wide canal with Homes on each side This 200+ foot canal brings higher property values. Salt water lakes are extremely desirable and like the 200 ft wide canals, are a higher premium. Life on a canal, is safe, beautiful, and wonderfully enjoyable.


Ocean Front

Sanibel Beach in SW Florida - Gulf Front Living   Strolling the beaches for shells, wading in the warm ocean water, or just soaking up the sun.... the aqua colored waters of the gulf are unbeatable! Sanibel Island, and Fort Myers Beach are a shear pleasure for the eyes and senses. If you want to be on the beach, don't hesitate, just find your piece of perfection and enjoy. Cape Coral canal condos


Fresh Water or Salt Water

Some of the canals and lakes here are fresh water. These canals are equally as beautiful, however, they limit you to fresh water only. A canal may lead you to a man made lake or just wind you around through other canals. If you like to bass fish, go canoeing, putt around, or just look at the water, this may be an excellent option for you. Fresh water property is less expensive than salt water property but a better value for resale than "property without waterfront". Fresh waterfront property offers wonderful views of nature and incredible fishing. Don't sell it short, it might be perfect for your needs.

Cape Coral Canal Owner's Manual


Download Cape Coral Canal Owner's Manual   Just want to fish without a boat? No problem, gulf access canals, lakefront and fresh water canals and lakefront will supply endless hours of entertainment right from the dock in your back yard. Fishing in Cape Coral Canals         This 14 Lb. Black Drum was caught in the Plato Canal, right next to the river and off the dock!       We're Here to Help! We recommend that you talk with us about what is important to you so that we can assist you in making a good decision about your waterfront location. A home is an investment. Sooner or later it will be sold. It's at that time most people understand the wisdom in choosing wisely. We can help guide you into a suitable purchase that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Here in Florida, there is a lot to understand to ensure a wise purchase.